2019 Colorado Peaches

If you haven’t had them before, you’ll soon find out… or if you want them again, you’ll soon remember... 

“This is the BEST peach you’ve ever had!” 

For many years now, Backbone Area Youth for Christ has made contact with fruit growers from Colorado who have offered us produce from their orchards as a fundraising opportunity for our ongoing ministry to youth and as a special treat to you. We are pleased to offer you full lugs of peaches (approximately 18 lbs. each) for $35 when you pick them up or $40 when we deliver them. In addition, this year you can buy 1/2 lugs of peaches for $20 when you pick up and $25 when we deliver them.  The order form will have you check the appropriate boxes. 

The fruit is appealing for several reasons. It is hand-picked and tree-ripened in the orchard. It goes from the tree to the box to the cooler in one swift operation. No fruit is picked immature to allow for processing. The result is the freshest peaches available. 

Call Mike Cantonwine at 563-920-5741 for any ordering questions or visit our website at www.BackboneYFC.org and order online 

The Peaches will arrive in early August. Since our grower waits until the best possible moment to pick these completely ripened peaches, we are unfortunately unable to know the exact time of arrival.  

We are asking that you pay in advance of ordering. This is very easy and quick to do. Click HERE and fill out order page. When you are done, click submit and you will be taken to Thank You page that information on how to get to payment page with an Add to Cart Button. Click on it and you will be taken to Paypal where you can select the number of lugs (~18 lbs per lug) you want to order. You can then choose to pay with your paypal account OR pay by credit card.